Motor protector development trend  (electric) posté le jeudi 28 février 2013 07:15

Why is the motor burned more easily than in the past? Due to the continuous development of insulation technology, the motor is designed for output increasing, and reduce the volume of the heat capacity, and new motor overload capacity of smaller, more and more weak; and then because of the improvement of production automation, motor always runs in frequent starting, braking, positive inversion and variable load in many ways, put forward higher request to the motor protection device. In addition, the application of motor is wider, often working in the environment is extremely bad situations, such as high temperature, moisture, dust, corrosion etc.. All of these, causing the motor more easily damaged than in the past, especially overload, short circuit, phase missing, sweeping failure occurs at the highest frequency teco brushless dc motor.

Traditional motor protective device based on thermal relay thermal relay, but low sensitivity, large error, poor stability, protection is not reliable. Indeed, despite the many devices installed thermal relay, but motor damage and affect the normal production is still a widespread phenomenon.

The motor protector is composed of mechanical development in the past to electronic and intelligent, can directly display the motor current, voltage, temperature and other parameters, high sensitivity, high reliability, multiple functions, convenient debugging, after the protection action fault type of stick out a mile, both to reduce the damage to the motor, and greatly facilitate the fault judgment, conducive to the production of on-site troubleshooting and shorten the recovery time of production. In addition, motor eccentricity detection technique using air-gap magnetic field, so that the motor wear condition monitoring becomes possible, through curves show trends in motor eccentric degree, the early detection of bearing wear and go inside the circle, the outer circle fault, accomplish early discovery, early treatment, avoid sweeping accident

Motor protector ideal? Ideal motor protector is not the most functions, is not the most advanced, but should meet the actual needs of the scene, to achieve unity of economy and reliability, high ratio of performance to price. Reasonable selection of protection device type, function according to the actual situation, considering the protector installation, adjustment, simple and convenient to use, it is important to select high quality protection device teco dc motor speed control.

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You said later  posté le jeudi 17 janvier 2013 03:00

You say, your ring, my poetry, sad place, always let the Xinyu muddy, dba2a02ek that a bright spring days, then, your temples, my cursive, on both sides, not enemy the wasted years, was a green grass;

You say, romantic themes, doctorate in business administration the sun and the moon the chase, vowed to decadent, idle time that full moon, a maple leaf as fire, and later, the melancholy, care, plain Yan wither, still wrapped in a light phase, such as silver snow;

You said, I handle, rove all over the world, innumerable twists and turns, what gorgeous beckons, that a setting sun Yingjiang; later, things change, what about the Cape, and into the air, smile dead memories, that a busy fall.

You say, sing while drinking, drink drunk confidante, on the moon, who is the best, best china business course that a rain of sorrow; later, however, people have changed, everything did not rest, the fleeting time not inhabit, when a song and dance allure;

You say, Kayanagi Ai, did not make this life, the afterlife, the bridge Wu Yi young, was a chimera siege; later, broken walls, lonely young basil, barren, intersection weeds leave, that a romantic themes.

You say ... ... Then love.... Not have sailed the seven seas

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The journey of life  posté le lundi 31 décembre 2012 04:01

In winter, strong I want your heart. In fact, I have been missing you, never broken thoughts baby shoes online with time independent. Thoughts of the spread are always around at night, quiet overflow of loneliness. Longing for forever love, imagine, true to the core of love. Although know it is impossible, but is willing to let the scarred heart immersed in this sweet story.

Close the door, dba1a01ek close a window. Give yourself plenty of space to sweet, and looking forward to their future. The young child, hurt, pain, wake up. The heart that this is true, but the tears has deceived heart. Crying out to look for a road muddy, with feet. Even if the road scenery and then the United States, but without you all can not exist. Then with a look, drifting further baby clothes online and further away; until it disappeared in the way.

One day is tired, tired. Stop stop the footsteps, look back the way I came. Deep and shallow, tears fell to the heart; irrigation dream seed. Blossom, the result is bitter. Finally wake up, wash feet muddy; a way to fall upon the flowers. Through these years, was finally able to stop the turmoil of the heart; quietly waiting for fate I met you.

Now, the vicissitudes of life dissatisfaction slightly childish. No vision, no longer fantasy. For a sentiment, a grateful heart to face life.

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Communication field  (IT) posté le vendredi 14 décembre 2012 03:23

Taiwan electronic industry on the lower reaches of the close cooperation and the industrial cluster effect, has made a number of successful IC design company. Wherein, via, couplet, Realtek and Sunplus company in this four crammed into dab8f23ek a global top 20 design company list.

At present, Taiwan IC design industry products are mainly focused on LAN ( local area network), especially the network card IC products. As for the wireless communications products in the field, digital tv player its development mainly concentrated in the Bluetooth, wireless local area network ( WLAN ) and the mobile phone of the three aspects, and put on a par with Bluetooth wireless local area network ( WLAN ) is in the stage of rapid growth attract people's attention.

The lack of international view of Taiwan IC design industry is the one big secret worry. At present, Taiwan IC design industry in the market is usually played by follower role, to ensure that their products into the right direction, and rely on the price to gain market. At the same time, the IC design industry in Taiwan on the mainland of the dependency is increasing, especially in the DVD player, television, digital cameras and other digital consumer and information home appliance products, will be the product of cross-strait cooperation.

Cross-strait cooperation patterns tend to Taiwan responsible for the front-end design and system on chip ( SoC ) design services, the continent is responsible for the low-end products and the rear section design and software services. In addition, with the international manufacturers have come to the mainland to set up research and development center, China has formed in the semiconductor industry chain, it is also to promote the design industry in Taiwan, stationed in the mainland are important factors.

Industry public figure thinks, the design industry in technology, personnel and three respects such as the market can complement each other, cooperation between the two sides has enormous development space.

According to the Taiwan IEK analysis, global semiconductor industry total production value in 2001 32% decline, in which IC design industry recession in 21.2%. In such circumstances, Taiwan IC design industry contrarian growth 5.9%, and, via the, Realtek and Sunplus company in this four crammed into a global top 20 design company list. Taiwan industry optimistic forecast, 2002 Taiwan IC design industry output value is expected to grow 26.6% than last year, at the same time the continental count level will also increase.

IEK plan analysts said Guo Qiuling, of Taiwan IC design industry output value reached $3500000000 last year, the global market share from 20.7% in 2000 to 25.9% last year. At present, Taiwan IC design companies still produce information kind give priority to, occupy about 65.7% strong, free youtube downloader consumer products and communication products for 18%, 14.1%.

The field of network communication has become a hot LAN product momentum

After the intense competition of PC era, communication has been the advent of the era. From Internet to mobile communication, this market was growing rapidly and steadily expanded the scale, to become the industry to a hot investment. Compared with PC times, communication field does not exist Wintel architecture the insurmountable threshold, thus entering the industry is no longer the old faces, new faces have emerged.

Taiwan IC design industry to enter the field of wired communication time is longer, and products are mainly focused on LAN ( local area network), especially the network card IC products. Because Taiwan has the D-Link and wise of the two network equipment manufacturers, network card IC Realtek this year shipments are expected to account for 50% of the world market share.

In fact, Taiwan electronic industry on the lower reaches of the close cooperation and the industrial cluster effect, has produced nearly ten network card IC design company. In addition to adopt IC design company service, D-Link and wise were also investing wisdom and the IC design company, for the development of more niche products, especially those needs and system manufacturers movie player to jointly for setting specifications customized products.

WAN ( wide area network ) technology has also been a Taiwan IC design industry to develop energetically, including Realtek, Macronix, Kay's and. Including IC design companies are actively investing in the development of ADSL chip set.

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A charming man  posté le mardi 04 décembre 2012 09:41

Men's charm, is a recover one's original simplicity and sincerity, is a have sailed the seven seas tolerance, is a kind of accumulate steadily accumulation of life, is a kind of harmonious good social point of view, cystal is a healthy and remarkable.

Good man charm such as wine, long mellow, getting a taste.

Middle man charm such as sugar cane, chewing, suck is sweet, spits out the residue.

Coarse man charm such as pictures, cystal looks very beautiful, garden.

Hero man's charm lies in, be fearless, dare to dare, to the world for oneself, build up establishment, is the pine tree. Be a hero, will proceed without hesitation. In the face of setbacks, perseverance, never discouraged, until success.

Handsome man's charm is that, without the fetter, heli alone, indulge in the landscape, or wealth, is a tree in the show bamboo. To be clear, is shaped like a breeze, and an extreme, to the wind month by month, kris00 rove all over the world, the world.

But the silent eyes focus on what you look at the man, there must be a rich inner world. This charming man, there is a people not easy to find the calm and quiet, the body will have a fatal magnetic field force. This kind of man nature and transparent, women in a dreadful state let own heart with him and fibrillation, and lead a person to endless aftertastes.

Not a man who seduces women is incomplete, like a peacock. Beautiful seductress, conba is the man who most need to express it. But in front of the woman, the real man, don't be unable to hide one's greed, color eyes blurred. They are holding their own in one's right mind, and trustworthy.

A woman with an epic, a group of women to a school. A man's charm is a woman from the world class honed.

The charm of a mature man, often very simple, they are like a child is not simple, no skill, but know not. Phi and Dai, sometimes see SAGE-like type. In western dress and leather shoes, but is sometimes pose as a person of high morals.

A good man kife to the cause of liming, material sense of security will make women more attachment tendency.

Good men must be filial to their parents, excellent men understand the affection, friendship, love between each other 's center of gravity.

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